I'm Pamela Langan

AKA - Queen of CareersTM

I'm Pamela Langan

aka Queen of CareersTM

With 15 years’ professional coaching and senior leadership experience.


I can look to this point and say, I definitely chose the right career path for myself.


From a young age I gained a deep understanding that there is a strategy to getting a job, creating a career plan and unlocking certain ‘secret’ criteria to help people secure roles that both desire and will thrive in.


My own career path saw me promoted to a senior management position by the age of 25, managing a huge customer service department. I was earning treble were earning combined and I had a hunger and a desire to keep climbing.


Up to this point, I have helped thousands of individuals get the job they deserve, some involving complete career changes following a ‘deep dive’ into their lives, hidden desires, and ambitions.


Climbing the career ladder, getting a pay rise, or creating a career plan  is easy when you know how......